Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Uncommon Cold

Pretty much everyone gets colds now and again. Our lives are less pleasant as we snorfle and sneeze. But usually they move on in a few days and so do we.

Cutting a wide swath now seems to be an Uncommon Cold. It lingers much longer and makes many of us feel sicker. I think I know where I got mine, despite liberal application of Lysol wipes on items used by the UC harborer and keeping as much distance as possible in close quarters.

I suffered from unrelievable congestion and also laryngitis, the bane of an actor’s existence. Many victims also have coughs and/or sore throats.

I tried: chicken soup, Vitamin C, tea/honey, assorted over the counter cold meds, Zicam, the neti pot (ew), resting, even wearing a scarf. All to no avail. Many friends/family offered to bring me supplies, but we couldn’t think of additional remedies. The cold would make its way through my system as it pleased.

Because I had several upcoming on camera and VO auditions, a VO narration job for a major retailer and so I wouldn’t pass this on, I stayed home, canceled many social events and missed a day of my internship at a casting agency. To save my voice, I communicated via text/email and barely talked on the phone.

I finally felt a bit better six days after the UC hit.  I went to my internship and fortunately was given a computer assignment so I didn’t have to talk much. At an on camera audition, I thought I sounded scratchy and stuffed up, but the agent thought I sounded ok. I went to chorus rehearsal and followed along instead of singing so I could hear the director’s notes and become more familiar with the complicated piece we’re working on while saving my voice.

Sick people in small spaces usually lead to more sick people, whether it’s co-workers, family members, or friends. So if you’re sick, please stay away as much as you can so you can rest and not infect other people. However, they say you can be contagious a couple of days before symptoms appear…

For info on contagion and remedies:

Mayo Clinic

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