Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tomorrow is another day....

Some people may be reluctant to return to work after the holidays (perhaps those who received paid vacation days). Not me. While I enjoyed the slowdown, attended a variety of fun social events and actually read several books (which I haven't made time to do in awhile), when my phone isn't ringing or e-mail isn't buzzing with auditions and/or jobs, I confess to getting a bit apprehensive.

As with the cliches of "out of sight out, of mind" or "don't call, us we'll call you," I worry that the supply of opportunities I've been fortunate to receive has for some reason dried up. Could be anything from the state of the economy to no work at this precise moment for my type to being submitted by an agent but the client goes in a different direction....there's no way to know. There's also very little I can do about it, aside from keeping in touch with industry contacts and making new ones. And of course, booking jobs...because work seems to beget work.

Yes, I know that worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of it's troubles, it empties today of strength. Yes, I have other things to do and think about. But the nagging thought "what if I don't get any more work?" still surfaced now and again as I sipped champagne or caught up with friends. It's just harder for some of us to trust the universe to provide or stay convinced that our exisiting product portfolio will keep us in the lineup for future projects.

So it's a relief that already this week I've had a VO audition, have an on camera one tomorrow and another next Tuesday, and have my first narration job to record. The opportunities are still rolling in. Whew.

New Year's resolution: Let it go. Control the things I can and not worry about those I can't. Etc.

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