Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Working Actress

I’m happy to report my busiest month so far since fleeing corporate America at the end of 2005 to be an actress and freelance writer/editor.

This week alone I’ll have seven auditions...all from agents. Two on camera, four VO and one theatre.

There are other ways to get auditions, but agents usually have access to the best gigs. Craigslist lists a variety of auditions, though many are non-paying, such as student films. Occasionally CL has great postings; sometimes I get auditions after submitting my headshot/resume. Other sites such as Performink and CIN list auditions--though many of these are for theatre and improv, which usually don't pay or don't pay as much as on camera or VO work. I subscribe to a couple of sites that send a bunch of VO audition opportunities every day. But to get this many auditions from agents in one week is fabulous. And as they say, if you’re not in it, you can’t win it. I hope that being on their radar now means I’ll stay there.

I also booked two jobs this week...a VO narration after an ASAP audition. Also a several day corporate gig for Las Vegas! And I’m presenting a voiceover business workshop at Acting Studio Chicago. Last week I had a 20+ minute narration job (that didn’t require a single word of revision!). I did a week of corporate training simulation for a consulting firm and was an extra in ABC’s TV pilot Matadors. Next week, so far, I’m doing a Northwestern Hospital video, via CL I have an audition to host an Internet health series, and I may be an extra in another pilot.

Perhaps the reason for this influx of business doesn’t matter, but I wonder. Is the economy improving? Are some of my many irons in the fire coming to persistence finally paying? Does my flexible schedule help because others aren’t available? Or have I been doing good work that kindles more work? And will it continue?

Faithful readers will note this blog entry title is about acting.  I'd hoped to do both writing/editing and acting.  At the moment my various manuscripts are still incurring rejections, and the only writing I'm doing is for the religous parody Best Church of God.  Of late, however, I haven't spent as much time pursuing opportunities/working on new projects/submitting. 

Even the Gainfully Unemployed need a some down time...  Stay tuned.

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Sybir St. John said...

That sounds like great success! I haven't delved into acting, although I have toyed with the VO idea...I do my own clinical hypnosis recordings for mass production and my clients.

You've put it out to the Universe that you want success in your creative endeavors and the energies are listening :)