Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Importance of Inspiration

Because the Gainfully Unemployed must often be proactive to get work, we need frequent inspiration to keep us going. We need new approaches, new projects to create, new sources of motivation.

You can inspire inspiration via quotes/affirmations, books/articles, journaling and following programs such as The Artist’s Way.  Some tie inspiration in with religion, faith, and/or the universe.  Insights can be generated by brainstorming or just talking your thoughts through with a friend who gets you and what you want to accomplish.

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it...whether it’s a line of dialogue, that missing scene, or the seed that sprouts an entirely new project. How many people say they do their best thinking in the shower? I keep a pen and pad of paper in every room; I’ve learned the hard way if I don’t write these flashes of brilliance down, they quite frustratingly disappear into the mist no matter how sure I am I’ll remember.

I woke up at 4:30AM this morning. Worries about when I might get the last form I need to file my income taxes kept me from going back to sleep. Suddenly an idea for a YA popped into my head.  For weeks I’ve been waffling over what genre to write next, unsure if any of the premises I’ve come up with are high concept and/or fresh enough. Stung by recent close but no cigar rejections like "didn't feel there wasn't a strong enough hook to market this was a tough call to make because we really do like your writing." And even when I've honed in on a genre, I go back and forth over tone/style. What I know of the market and recent sales sways me, though I know you're not supposed to write to trends. This morning’s concept just might be it.

What you do with inspiration is you act upon it or talk yourself out of it? Overthink it to death or let it flow organically?

What inspires you?

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