Monday, February 05, 2007

The Superbowl and the Average Joe

Ten lessons the average Joe or Jane can learn from the Superbowl:
1) Second is never good enough.
2) Athletes get paid to catch the ball, but don't get fired when they drop it. No matter how many times.
3) Practice does not make perfect.
4) Companies were willing to pay $2.6 million for their commercials but couldn't be bothered to communicate what the product was in a way we could remember.
5) Viewers jump up and down and scream for every good play. Yet most of us don't get nearly that excited about important things that happen in our own lives.
6) Even stars can screw up under pressure. (Billy Joel sang way off key).
7) Watching fans wave their arms is boring no matter the venue (during Prince's half time show).
8) Don't wear black while dancing on a dark stage.
9) Don't wear white when it's not flattering.
10) Next year, TiVo the game and save hours on recaps and useless commentary.

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