Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bidding Wars

I'm registered with a voiceover directory that sends e-mails with audition info. If interested, you record the audition copy (on your professional quality microphone with software you've bought) into an mp3 and send it to the client. Then the client listens, and if interested, asks for your rate.

This week I recorded potential copy for a Web site and got asked for a quote for 3-4 minutes.

What is 3-4 minutes of my voice worth? A friend who has done literally hundreds of voiceovers says this is a long time (as opposed to a 30 or 60 second commercial) and that I should get $500. But if I wanted the job I could say $300.

Several months ago I got $500 for voicing two 3 minute scripts, which took me about an hour to record. That's $83 per minute of my voice. Or $8.30 per minute of my time. But I haven't gotten another gig since then.

I have no idea how good the competition is, or what they are bidding. Should I go below $300 to increase my chances of getting the part, which may or may not lead to more work in the future? Or would doing so undervalue my skills? Go with the $83/minute rate and charge $250?

I told the client $300.

And haven't heard back...

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Vonda said...

Best of luck, Ruth! I hope you get the job. I wanted to say "Hi." Last night I listened to your and Jennifer Green's 2006 National Conference workshop about persistence on CD and I enjoyed it so much! Nice website too! I'm also moderator in the feng shui workshop and that's where I saw your link. Small world. :-) Take care.