Friday, December 29, 2006

Time Passages

While a participant in corporate America, I didn't think I had enough Time to do everything I wanted, from hanging out with friends to writing to dating to reading all the books on my To Be Read shelf or catching up on movies. But even then I believed that, in most cases, people choose how they use their Time.

Often, we get so caught up in the self-perpetuating swirl of busy-ness we forget we have some control over our schedules. We run around, overbook ourselves and our families and relinquish our powers of choice. How many times a day does someone you encounter complain about lack of Time or being too busy?

Almost everyone should be able to find 15 minutes a day to do something she/he has been meaning to do, such as 1) call a friend or relative and stay in touch 2) work out 3) pursue a favorite hobby/activity 4) any other thing she/he has wanted to do but has put off.

It's ironic that because I'm waiting to hear from so many people--literary and acting agents, editors, whether or not I'll get this or that audition or part, etc...some days Time seems to pass too slowly. Because I don't have a day job or kids to fill my days, I'm no longer sure how to prioritize projects. Lately I've been spending more Time than I'd like considering all of my options instead of simply doing. Instead of moving forward.

How well do you use Time? Here's to a New Year's resolution to improve, whatever that means to you.

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