Friday, December 15, 2006

The Princess and the Bean

Newsflash: I got not one, but TWO parts in an independent feature film. I found out less than 24 hours before I had to report to set, and was told only that I'd be a bitchy passenger with a date in one of the lead's taxi and another day, a pharmacist.

My 'date' informed me that we'll have to make out. Hmmm. 1) The only time I've ever had to kiss a fellow actor was in high school while attending Northwestern's Cherub program doing the love scene from Romeo & Juliet. 2) This guy, though nice and interesting, is a smoker. With smoker's breath. Note to self: bring Altoids.

Last night we shot the end of the taxi scene, where I pay and we get out of the cab. To get what they wanted: Me and my date were crammed into the right half of the back seat. On the floor at our feet: the sound guy and his fuzzy microphone. Later, for a different angle, we had to maintain our positions as best we could despite the addition of a hot, bright, spotlight on the seat next to my date...

Because I'm so short, I sat on two sandbags, filled not with sand but lumpy beans. Beans are not comfortable.

The shoot went from 7PM to 1:50AM.

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