Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Week After Release Day

My release day January 21 was so much fun, including a celebration later in the evening.  

Highlights of the first week include:
  • Getting an email saying that Publisher's Weekly has selected the Historical Romance Version for review (out of thousands of submissions). They also said there's a small chance the review won't be published. Assuming it is, I think it'll be in PW and on BookLife, their indie publishing site. Of course I'm hoping they say good things....
  • Romance Writers of America asked me to write a new monthly column for their eNotes e-newsletter called Author Experiment Case Studies. I featured mine, publishing two versions of the same book, this week. I look forward to seeing what other author experiments I come across and how well they worked.
  • The USAToday HEA Romance Unlaced blog by Madeline Hunter for which I was interviewed to feature both versions was shared on Facebook 127 times, tweeted 60 times (including a tweet to HEA's 14.6K followers), and posted 9 times on LinkedIn.
  • Making Amazon's Hot New Releases lists with both versions in their respective categories.
  • I guest posted on the topic "When are you done," at Seekerville, one of Writers Digest's top 100 sites for authors, and enjoyed chatting with the commenters. And I was asked to guest on another romance blog...awaiting details. 
  • Receiving my print copies in the mail. Holding the book you wrote, with your name on it in huge letters is wonderful.
  • Amazon suggested I might like my own book.
Lowlights include:
  • Frustration trying to figure out how to upload the print versions to B&N and iBooks (which sends you to iTunes and is generally un-user friendly).
  • Not being able to instantly satisfy those who wanted to buy my book in a store. I haven't worked on that because of the time it takes that may not yield the desired result. If I'm fortunate to get good reviews from valued sources, they might pave the way on a difficult path.
  • Time management. I enjoy guest posting on blogs, but writing different posts for each and requesting spots can be time consuming. Chatting with commenters is a lot of fun, but the guest should check in often throughout the day, which can be distracting.
What's to come? Stay tuned...

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