Thursday, January 08, 2015

Preparing for Release Day 1/14

Next Wednesday, January 14, will be a huge day for me. I'll be crossing over from the land of the unpublished in fiction (I've written the non-fiction book Find Your Inner Fabulous and many articles for trade journals and newsletters) to having 2 versions of the same novel published and available for sale. The culmination of a 20 year journey toward publication.
I hope to return to preparing book #2 for publication, but at the moment I'm working on getting the word out about my releases. I guest blogged at Romance University, will be at Seekerville on 1/19 and SlingWords on 2/4. That night I'm really looking forward to participating in my first event and book signing as a published author: Guilty Pleasures – What Romance Publishing is Really All About. I'll be joining fellow RWA members P.E. Calhoun, Margaret Watson, Allie Pleiter, Robyn Bachar, Shannyn Schroeder, Elizabeth Harmon, Julie Ann Walker, Hanna Martine and Emma Gates.
I enjoy blogging. However, each guest post needs to be original content, and the guest is expected to check in throughout the day to interact with commenters. That's all a lot of fun, but leaves me less time and brain space for the next book.
I've been researching review sites and places to consider for advertising, and spent too much time tweaking my new Facebook page header on a fun graphic design site, I'm finishing and double-checking the multi-step process of uploading for Barnes & Noble e-books and CreateSpace print books.
There are still so many things I want to do that I'm trying not to fill my calendar with too many social gatherings and obligations. Even with the -20 windchill, I'm making some time to go out. And additional time away from my computer.
How will next week go?  Stay tuned....

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