Thursday, May 10, 2012


Some of us are more trusting than others.  I think trust is like a bank.  People--whether family, friends, relatives, significant others, clients, or service providers from the cable guy to politicians--add to or delete funds from their  account through their words and actions.

If someone keeps a promise, does what he/she says, perhaps goes beyond the call, the balance increases.  One of America's basic legal tenets is "innocent until proven guilty."  We may believe what someone tells us...until we receive proof to the contrary, which results in a withdrawal.  What will that person have to do to restore trust?  What will we have to do if we want to forgive?     

At times people have a good reason for not following through.  If we receive what we consider to be sufficient notice or explanation, their trust balance may remain unchanged. 

Most of us want to believe people have good intentions, are honest and reliable.  Sometiemes life shows us otherwise.  We might trust the wrong people.  Being betrayed hurts, and can make us wonder why we didn't see it coming.  In some cases, trust is a leap of faith, and only time will tell if we made a good decision.

Feelancers can have trust issues.  New clients may wonder if we'll deliver a quality product on time.  We may wonder if a client will pay.  Sometimes the more people involved in a project, the more room for misinformation, miscommunication and misunderstanding, which can lead to less trust.   

Has my law degree has made me more skeptical or more realistic?  Unfortunately, I've seen evidence that some may breach contracts, lie, and/or commit a crime(s) knowing the pursuit of justice will probably cost more time, money, effort and stress than whatever was lost. Or that, given the vagaries of the legal system, they might win any legal proceeding and not be penalized.  Others knowingly manipulate by taking advantage of weaknesses.  How do these people look at themselves in the mirror and sleep at night?   

A recent example: the Dixon, Illinois comptroller who embezzled millions

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Jessica Ferguson said...

I guess when it comes right down to it, I don't trust anyone. Maybe I sort of trust them until I catch them in a fib. After that, I watch them like a hawk to see if they fib again which is what I expect them to do. Not trusting anyone is sort of a miserable way to live but I can track it back to my roots: my mother was suspcious of everyone. I came over from the RWA forums. Good post.