Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three on-camera auditions in 75 minutes

Today is a first...three on-camera auditions at three locations in 75 minutes.  I got the first audition, for a pilot, on the 29th.  I found out about the second, an industrial, at around 1:30 yesterday.  And the third, another industrial, at 4:30.  I never know when the phone will ring or for what.  

Sometimes they offer an audition time range, say 11-1, and you can choose a time.  Other times, especially if the audition is at one of the big three casting agencies, you're given a specific slot and can't switch.  Because the time for the third conflicted with the second, I had to quickly see if I could reschedule.  I could.  I don't know if it would've worked out if I hadn't been available to take the call about #3. 

I don't want to say no to an agent and miss out on an opportunity.  The bigger the job, the more I want to go. Not only do I have to be available for the audition, but also for the shoot date(s). And if there's a callback, that too. Sometimes they'll just say, "The callback is on Thursday," and not give a time frame.  I'm grateful for my flexible schedule. Though one shoot date may conflict with a VO booking I already have....

The three locations aren't too far apart, but if one place is running behind, getting to the next might be a challenge.  I can't let the pressure of being on time interfere with being in the moment.

#1 is a few short lines to memorize, with a Southern accent.  #2 requires the use of my ear prompter...a small tape recorder onto which I record the 2+ minute script.  Then via an earphone like news anchors wear, I play the recording back and repeat what I say, trying not to lose my place or look like a deer in the headlights as I listen to my voice.  Try this with radio news...repeat what the anchor says. 

I'm not quite sure how #3 will work because the script involves several people.  Sometimes they'll have a reader go through it with me, other times I'll audition with other actors.  We may or may not have a few minutes to rehearse.   

Stay tuned...

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