Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacations and the Gainfully Unemployed

I've already expressed my views on holidays: paid days off cherished by the Gainfully Employed are to the Gainfully UNemployed days we 1) won't be contacted for new work or 2) should continue with projects in progress, especially if they are billable.

So if taking one day off is a mental challenge, its no surprise I haven't taken multiple days off to go on an actual vacation. Which I define as a period of relaxation and enjoyment in a nice place with no set schedule. As opposed to a trip: an out of town getaway from your day to day routine, usually short, to visit family/friends or attend an event.

I have taken various trips, including family celebrations and writing conferences, but not a true vacation since I left corporate America three years ago. I also traveled to Lithuania to be an extra in Highlander 5: The Source (my set report is still on the Highlander Worldwide site, HERE). While this was an awesome, once in a lifetime experience and I did see several sites, most of the time I had a schedule. And it was FREEZING standing outside all night until past dawn during filming, so not exactly relaxing.

How can I justify spending money and missing out on chances to earn more (by not being available for auditions or fast turnaround VO jobs from returning clients) while I'm gone? But then, what about the need/desire to relax/recharge/have fun?

It's not easy for me to set aside the guilt that I should be working or fork over the cash (particularly in these economic times). But I'm going to. Bask in tropical island sun...swim up to the pool bar...and hear the swish of palm trees overhead with a like minded friend.

Because I'm a freelancer, I can't afford to be completely out of touch with the mainland. I'll bring my laptop, and have the ability to send VO auditions via MP3. A compromise.

Do YOU need a vacation? These sites are among those that say we all do:

Stanley Bronstein


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