Saturday, October 04, 2008


Everyone has rough weeks, and this was one of mine. It started out better than I'd expected, but ended worse.

Monday: foot surgery!! I was nervous, but the procedure was surprisingly painless and the doctor said it went great. No problems with anesthesia, and the block they was worked for hours after so my foot was numb. Thanks to a very supportive friend who brought me there and back and made me lunch, and friends' calls/emails, I was feeling good and bouyed by relief as I put my foot up as instructed and caught up on some TV shows I'd recorded.
Tuesday: Moved around as little as possible. Still numb so not in pain but keeping my leg elevated and hauling the boot around was uncomfortable and harder than I'd thought it would be.
Wednesday early am and most of the day: OUCH. OUCH. Vicodin not helping. Am glad to hear from friends/family but am starting to wish they'd stop being so cheery about my impending recovery and would just commiserate with me.
Thursday: Hmmm. Nauseated with sharp stomach pains. Head does not want to lift off pillow. Probably the vicodin. Same friend helped me to the car (I'm a long way from the elevator) and drove me appx an hour to post-op appointment, longer on the way back. Doctor says everything looks great. As I was standing on a platform and taking my foot out of the boot to have xrays, he introduced me to a perky girl, who, 6 weeks after surgery, wore heels the night before. I was way too cranky and uncomfortable to appreciate her success and envision my own. Ordered dinner in to thank my friend for all of his help, but my stomach was too upset to enjoy it.
Friday: Must go to Walgreens for stomach remedies. I made my way to my car and drove 3 blocks. That is the summation of my daily exertions.
Saturday: Stomach still upset, woke up 3 times overnight and drank some milk, which seemed to help. Really hoping tomorrow will be better.

Lesson learned: Friends don't want their friends to suffer. Most of us have trouble dealing with other people's pain, so we offer good wishes and cheery thoughts.

I know I'll feel better soon, my foot pain will diminish and in a few weeks I'll have greater mobility than I had before. But that doesn't change how awful I feel right now. I really wanted sympathy in these moments of unwellness, not reminders of how great I'll be eventually.

So the next time someone I know is sick/recovering from a medical procedure, I will cut back on the cheery prognostications, recognize how they're feeling right then and sympathize with them.


The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Ugh, I feel your pain, Ruth...literally! Foot surgery is one of the worst to deal with because you don't realize how much you take things for granted, until you can't walk. I get the same reaction to Vicodin as you. It's awful! I finally had to just stop taking it because it was doing more harm than good. Don't push it, keep resting, and I hope you are literally back on your feet real soon! :-)

Barrie said...
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Barrie said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. (I popped over from Lois' My Town Monday's post.)

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I was just thinking of you and wondering when your surgery was scheduled for...and now I know it was this past week. Yuck, it sounds awful. Sorry you're going through this right now.

Kelli Estes