Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too Stupid to Live

When reading/critiquing romance novels, when the heroine does something completely out of character, something totally stupid, we say she is TSTL, or too stupid to live.

(For more on the issue, Jenna Black recently blogged quite nicely here.)

Unfortunately, TSTL moments also occur in real life. Though I'm usually a very together person, I've recently experienced more than my share.
1. Sunday, went with my brother to clean out a family storage locker we hadn't been to in 4 years. I had the keys, the locker number, and a key card. We followed my Mapquest directions until we saw the storage place. The place required a code. Which we didn't have, and I didn't remember needing. No problem, we'd go to the office. I'd written down from the Web site that the place opened at 9, about 15 minutes. But the door said 10. So we went to breakfast. When the office opened and I asked the clerk for a code, she realized we were at the wrong place...the right one was around the corner. No wonder the info we had didn't match.

2. Monday, worked as an extra on The Unborn . After I was done, got the shuttle back to crew parking. Got off, went to get in my car and realized I'd left my garment bag in extras holding. Like I haven't been an extra enough times to remember my clothes.

3. Wednesday, had an appointment in my calendar for 4:30. For some unknown reason, I thought it was at 4:00. Since I'm always early, arrived at 3:45.

Why this sudden rush of carelessness? Maybe I'm thinking too much about other things I need to do and where I'm going instead of focusing on where I am, instead of being in the moment.

I sure hope these aren't "senior moments!!!"

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