Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm a model!

Yes, this is true. I shot my first print ad yesterday!!! Out of 8 people cast from many who auditioned from various talent agencies, I was the only female. The ads will appear in some newpapers, magazines and the Internet.

The process was just like the shoots on America's Next Top Model. Had my hair/makeup/wardrobe done. Stepped onto the light-strewn set, where the photographer, an ad agency representative and the guy who seemed to be the director (never got his title) and a guy who manned the computer (never got his title either) could see every shot appear on a huge computer monitor.

Just like the ANTM models, I was asked to keep "giving them something different" in terms of facial expression, attidude, and gestures. Even when you have a clear idea of what they're looking for and they offer suggestions, doing this is over and over is harder than you might think. And you try "smiling with no teeth" while people are telling jokes.

Watching every ANTM cycle (they're on #10 at the moment) definitely helped me get and succeed at this job. Thanks to Tyra I've learned how to make sure my eyes convey emotion instead of being flat and lifeless. Thanks to Tyra, when they said "smile with your eyes," I knew exactly what they meant.

Everyone seemed happy, and said I was very photogenic. At one point the director showed me a closeup on the HUGE monitor and said something about how great my face was for closeups. Pretty much all I saw were the bags under my eyes and the wrinkles that have recently appeared above my top lip...but all that matters was that the client liked it. My eyes looked good, tho. Will be very interesting to see the final product!



Kelli Estes said...

So cool, Ruth! Be sure to tell us where we can see the ads so I can be watching for them!

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Ruth, that's fantastic news! Definitely let us know where we can see you!