Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm stuffed. Not with holiday food, with stuff.

In the spirit of starting 2008 in an organized fashion, a lot of stuff has to go. I'm working my way through every drawer, every closet, every file folder and my storage closet...ruthlessly. Ha.

It's hard to get rid of the lovely Tahari evening dress I bought in 1993 to be a bridesmaid. But the thing is almost 14 years old and just doesn't look flattering on me anymore. Same with some suits purchased in the 90's for my former day job. Nice fabrics in excellent condition, but they just don't suit. Ha. Goodbye, eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers and creams accumulated via years of makeup promotions. Farewell, magazine and newspaper articles on topics from flat abs to plotting a novel I've carefully clipped and saved but rarely refer to.

What/how much do we really need? How many pairs of shoes? Jeans? Types of hair gels? Pairs of pajamas?

But how can I part with a few vintage dresses that were my mom's? The very cool 1950's drinking glasses my great aunt gave me? I never know what sort of self-costuming a show or movie might require, so I've kept some stuff. Just in case.

I joined freecycle.org...an amazing Yahoo! group where you offer stuff you no longer want and can request stuff that you do. Within hours I gave away my Clavinova--a full size electric piano from the late 80's that still works great except for the C# key. Took up too much space in my bedroom, and I only played to pound out notes/the alto part in music I needed to sing. It went to a young woman who was so happy to gift it to her musician boyfriend. How nice when extra stuff goes to a good home. I then bought a much smaller Yamaha keyboard that fits in a closet.

Then there are books...very hard for me to give those away. Though I don't keep every book I read, I want those that have made their way to my 'keeper' shelf and my numerous medieval England research books. Seeing them lined up neatly on their shelves is somehow relaxing and reassuring. And then there's the bookcase with books to be read...

I'm off to the Salvation Army to donate several bags of oldies but goodies. And then to Target. In case I need new stuff.


Eileen said...

I am a huge closet cleaner this time of year. Something about the new year makes me want to be able to open the closet door without taking my life into my hands.

Ruth Kaufman said...

Yes, Eileen,
It is amazing how much we can accumulate from year to year...