Thursday, December 06, 2007

Inner Peace

As we rush around doing the busy-busy this time of year, maybe we need to stop for a moment to reflect on how we spent our we chose to spend our time and what we chose to think about.

I don't mean trying to reflect while you're in the middle of wrapping presents or running errands or on the way to a social event. I mean sitting down in a quiet room and taking a few quality moments to go over what you have accomplished this year. What you have learned.

Most of us are so caught up in where we're going next or all the stuff we should be doing that we don't make time to appreciate where we are. Some of us tend to think, "Another year is passing, and I still I haven't ______________." For me, the blank is filled by "sold a book." This thought process, of course, leads to frustration and ruminating about what I could have done differently. Even when many aspects of selling a book are beyond my control.

What if I could turn that thought around and think about what I did do? If I could think, "I wrote another manuscript this year. And completed the extensive revisions my agent requested, to her satisfaction. And started two new novels." Those accomplishments should be a big deal. They should mean something. But my mind whips past any achievements to, "What's next? Why haven't you written more pages on your next books?"

The challenge is not being too hard on myself while remaining motivated and disciplined enough to move forward. Sometimes that seems to be a fine line.

I need to make more room in my head for gratefulness and gratitude. I need to allow myself to appreciate my successes and experience inner peace.

What can you appreciate?

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The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

A good reminder to keep everything in perspective, Ruth! :-) Now, I just have to remember to practice that way of thinking.