Monday, August 13, 2007

Me and Angelina Jolie?

Over a week ago I'd committed to working Tuesday as an extra on the Angelina Jolie movie Wanted. When you're an extra, you need to be available the entire day and night.

But when it rains, it pours...I got a call for a "big" audition Monday afternoon.

What's an actress to do? Say 'yes' to the audition and cancel the movie? Or stand by a commitment?

Not that being an extra is highest paying or most important acting gig, or that I couldn't go on living unless I see Angelina in person (reportedly Brad's in town too), but I believe a commitment is a commitment. The scene is supposed to be a small one, so my absence would be noticed more vs. if I bagged a huge crowd scene. Plus the extras agent wouldn't be thrilled if I canceled the day before, and might be less likely to book me in the future. Also, no matter how big the client, an audition is still an audition. There's no guarantee I'll get the part.

What did I do? I knew Monday was a night shoot, which, based on what I know of union rules, made it likely that Tuesday would be too. So I told the agent this info, and she went ahead and booked me for the audition. Then I decided to check if the Wanted extras agency had any clue about Tuesday's call time. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't know until the current day's filming wraps.

Guess what? The scene I was supposed to work on has been postponed. So I'm good to go for the audition. Then Monday early evening, I got a call with the new date for the Wanted shoot.

Sometimes things that seem complicated work themselves out.

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The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Fantastic, Ruth! Good luck on both! :-)