Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's in a Name Take 2

So I sent 10 new titles to my agent for my new book, in order of my preference. Unfortunately, she only liked the last one but not enough.
Back to the drawing board. Already have a brainstorming list of more than 50 possibilities...I like some of them a lot. Will she? Plan to ponder a few more days and then send another Top 10 list.

As to the pen name, no revelations on that front yet.

Attended the national Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas last week. Caught up with a bunch of friends and got 52 free books. Some days events began at 7:00AM and continued to the wee hours...1950 published (from household name famous to those who've just made their first sale) and unpublished authors from as far away as Australia and dozens of editors and agents. Lots of booksignings, more than 10 workshops every hour, meetings/networking, and fancy parties (many invitation only). And a booksigning with over 400 authors that raised almost $60,000 for literacy in TWO hours!

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