Thursday, April 13, 2006

How much is enough?

Everyone with a day job has employer-set goals. You need to sell this many widgets, bill this many hours, reach that target, attend these meetings. At the company I worked for, all kinds of goals were handed down from those on high, who presumably put significant analysis and effort into goal setting and measurement.

But the Gainfully Unemployed must make their own goals and schedule. So how much is enough? What tasks do I need to accomplish, how many hours do I need to work each week to feel I've made enough progress? How do I assess that progress? What is a reasonable percentage of the day to spend on pursuits that aren't income producing, such as singing in a choir, volunteering as an adult literacy tutor, judging writing contests or working on committees? How much "time off" do I deserve?

I'm still working on the answers.

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