Monday, April 17, 2006

Another day, another movie

Today I'm going to work as an extra again...for a British film shot documentary style. The extras casting director had called for other days but I wasn't available. So she called again yesterday, for this afternoon.

Extras need both a flexible schedule and wardrobe. They also need to be able to carry overstuffed backpacks/garment bags or wheel a suitcase, make their way to the filming location and have lots of stamina. The shoot can go 12 hours or time is 1:30PM, so I could be there until 1:30AM or even later.

I'm going to be an on-camera reporter, and need to bring conservative suits and upscale casual options, plus suitable outerwear. As usual, no red or white or loud prints.

Fortunately the weather is nice, so I shouldn't freeze/boil doing exterior shots.

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