Thursday, August 04, 2016

Prioritizing when your schedule isn't in your control

In addition to writing romance novels, I'm an actor. Because I usually don't get more than 24-hour notice of auditions or sometimes even VO and OC bookings, I don't always have control over my schedule.

I might set aside an afternoon for my work-in-progress only to learn I have an audition for, say, a national TV commercial, at 2:55 the next day, and may have lines and/or specific wardrobe and/or hair to prepare. Often the specs and storyboard or copy don't arrive until the end of the day. Of course I'm thrilled for every opportunity to practice my craft.

Yesterday was great because I had two on-camera auditions. First I had a half-hour of monologue coaching via Skype, then went to audition #1. I went back home to change wardrobe and prepare for the next, and squeezed in some paperwork for a VO client and a VO audition. Then I went to audition #2. Though it lasted less than 5 minutes, the preparation and travel took a couple of hours.

I suppose I could have cancelled dinner plans with the team of the podcast I produce to make time to write, or made myself write when I got home around 8PM. But sometimes even energetic people feel drained, and I was tired after more than 10,000 steps and giving my all at the auditions.

Late last night, a long voiceover script arrived that's due Monday morning, and I also have a VO audition waiting. Yesterday I was a guest on Anna Markland's blog, and was pleased to have some comments to reply to. I decided to submit to #PitchWars, and though I'd already reviewed the mentors, I needed to prepare the query and submission. While all of these tasks are exciting and important, it's easy to see how another day can fill up without getting any writing, revising, or book promo done.

Sometimes the acting biz is slow, so I can focus on writing. Yet I sometimes wonder if the best use of my time is completing/releasing more books, promoting the ones I already have or seeking more auditions/marketing my acting. Should I focus on one career and abandon the other? For now, I'm trusting my instincts and going for both....


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