Monday, May 02, 2016

Dealing with Setbacks & Disappointment

We all know that not everything can go our way, despite our best efforts. And that sometimes, despite putting many irons in the fire, none of the big ones get hot. We won't get every job/gig/opportunity we apply/submit for, most authors will receive some unfavorable and/or inaccurate reviews, someone you want to date may not want to date you.

Rejection and disappointment are part of everyone's life. As an actor, author, speaker/storyteller and single person, some months I can receive more than most. When they arrive within a short time and I don't have good news to counteract them, I admit it's hard to believe I've chosen the right career paths. Self-doubt creeps in. It can be hard to know what to work on next, whose advice to take, what to change.

Recent setbacks/disappointments include:
--An on-camera job I was on check avail for never materialized
--A live corporate job and a VO job I was on hold for were canceled
--Didn't get a big VO job I was shortlisted for
--Learned that a role I'd done in a film was recast
--A dream agent who'd said she loved my voice rejected one of my books.

Being on hold/check avail, shortlisted and callbacks are great because they show your agent you can do that kind of job and the client was interested. But they don't pay the bills. And the gig was so close, you could taste it.

Patience is not my strong suit, and waiting for good news isn't the answer. The solution is to find the energy and motivation to move on. Control what you can, and do something that helps you move forward.

I revamped my website, including a new commercial demo. I'm working on a new narration demo, with new elearning and medical to come after that. I got headshots with a new look: straight hair. I've been working on promotion for my May 26 release, MY ONCE & FUTURE LOVE, and continue to audition and submit.

How do you deal with disappointment?

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