Saturday, March 26, 2016

Anatomy of a Headshot & Curly vs. Straight

Next time you watch TV or a movie, notice how many women have curly hair. Not that many. And what roles do they play? The quirky best friend or co-worker, the out there aunt or neighbor. Not a newscaster, executive or businessperson, spokesperson or business owner or doctor.

So with Chicago Justice coming to town and hoping to pursue more serious roles, I decided to get a headshot in a suit with straight hair. For me, that's not an easy decision...because the process of blow drying, flat-ironing and de-frizzing takes well over an hour and many products.

First I had to choose a photographer. I went with someone I know who rents a studio in what she calls the South Loop (but I think is past that).  A half hour session is $100, and you do you own hair and makeup.

I'm a morning person, so getting up early to start transforming my hair wasn't a problem. With my now-straight hair tucked beneath a silk scarf for de-frizzing, I was ready to apply light makeup. Wait. When did my eyebrows morph into an old man's, with random hairs sticking out hither and yon?

I'm glad I brought two suits, because the navy one I really wanted to wear, with what I think is flattering, small peplum on a zippered jacket, looked too dark on camera. I ended up in a traditional pinstripe, with a bright deep blue tee underneath for a pop of color. Pearl instead of hoop earrings. Some with glasses, some full length. Some smiling, some not.

Keeping your chin down while tilting your head and smizing as Tyra instructs can be a challenge. How will they turn out? Will my agents like them? Will casting directors/producers/directors?

How will I know if I've been submitted with straight or curly hair, so I know which to have if called in for an audition? Looking like your headshot is essential. Stay tuned....

A current, curlier and slightly shorter hair headshot:

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