Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Scrinch (Scrooge + Grinch) and Holiday Gratitude

Instead of being my usual Scrinchy (Scrooge and Grinch) self this time of year because of all of the muss and fuss, I'm going to focus on why I'm grateful for the holidays:

1) I usually work at home, and the seemingly endless construction of a new house behind me stopped early today. And there won't be any on Christmas. 

2) The popular coffee shop I often go to when constructively evicted by hammering, sawing, drilling, engines running and/or trucks beeping was blissfully empty and quiet this morning. 

3) More time to just write. I'm working on a new project--a novella. More on this soon. 
There are so many other hats to wear as an author, from cover designer and blurb writer for upcoming books to getting more reviews for current releases to doing more promotion to growing my newsletter list so I can occasionally share news with readers (I hope you'll sign up!). Any of these tasks could take an entire day. So while businesses are closed and no acting/VO emails arrive, I'll write.

4) Holiday music. I've been listening to Pandora's Christmas station and Chicago radio station 93.1's all-Christmas programming. I enjoy classics sung by Perry Como, Bing Crosby and others, but I prefer choral arrangements.

5) Some people may have (and even enjoy) many gatherings and events and/or holiday guests. My family just gets together for a quiet meal and gift exchange. So while others cook and clean and entertain, I plan to write. 

6) A personal end of December tradition is to go through my filing cabinets and closets. So far I've recycled four garbage bags of papers. I like to start out the new year organized. Clean out the old, make way for the new.

7) After Christmas sales. A great time to save money on holiday cards for next year and other items.

8) Holiday cookies. A friend received too many and shared some. 

9) Pretty Christmas lights and decorations throughout the city. 

10) When the holidays are over, and regular life resumes.

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