Thursday, April 23, 2015 Follow Your Heart is a must-read romance

"Kaufman can certainly write an entertaining suspenseful romance and brings us a happy sigh-worthy story in Follow Your Heart," writes Michelle Monkou at

I so appreciate the reviews Follow Your Heart has been getting. When I released this book and At His Command, I admit to some trepidation over what reviewers might say. Would they like the books or not? But it didn't occur to me to wonder what each reader might see in and take away from the story.

As reviews accumulate, I've been pleasantly surprised and intrigued by what each reviewer chooses to include in the summary and say about how the book impacted him/her. Several have commented how FYH has plot twists that surprised them.  So far that's my favorite reader takeaway. Another favorite was from an Amazon reviewer, "The love between the two main characters was wonderful."

The risk of putting out books or any product, including yourself, is that buyers/customers/clients won't like it. If they don't, you might wonder if the hard work, time and perhaps money you've invested weren't worth it. You might think, "What did I do wrong?" "What can I do better next time?" Or, "It's just that person's opinion. Others will like it."  And today's dislike or approval is so much more public than even a few years ago.

I'm doing a Goodreads giveaway for FYH, if you're interested:

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  Follow Your Heart

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Will AHC and FYH get more good reviews? Stay tuned.  

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