Thursday, April 18, 2013

Concentration and focus

This morning the rain hitting the windows is so loud it’s hard to focus.  There’s a lot of flooding, so I’m thinking about the route I’ll take later and how much longer it'll take to get where I need to go.  I keep wanting to check the news to see if the waters are receding, despite reports of more storms. 

What distracts you during business hours?  Many feelancers allow interesting articles/videos on the Internet, the “need” to check Facebook or other social media, and/or personal calls or emails to keep them from getting work done.  They think they’ll just look at this one thing, or keep that call short, send a quick reply, but allow themselves to get sucked in. 
Sure, the distraction(s) may be enjoyable, but it’s not productive.  And thus not helping reach client deadlines, grow your business or income producing.  Some may have the discipline to tell themselves, “I wasted time today.  So I’ll make it up tonight.”  Others aren’t willing to push themselves toward success and let day after day pass without making a significant dent in the pile on their plates.
Sometimes my to do list is off putting and/or daunting.  I may need to do things I just don't want to do.  Distractions seem even more enticing then.  How do you make yourself concentrate? 

--realizing that the distractions will still be there.  Can't FB be as much fun after your work is done? 
--reveling in the sense of accomplishment when you can check off each less than pleasant task.  Isn't that better than feeling bad about lack of productivity?
--knowing you’ve earned downtime.  While everyone needs some relaxation,  socializing and time away from computers, I believe feelancers should consider their income stream and bank balances before putting play before work instead of reassuring themselves they'll work harder tomorrow. 

Yes, as Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day."  But if you let distractions and lack of focus prevail today, what's to stop them from defeating you tomorrow?


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