Thursday, March 28, 2013

New line of work?

A few days ago, I had Thai food with a friend.  My fortune: You are soon going to change your present line of work.

Interesting timing, because recently I've been seriously considering just that.  Not a complete change, like giving up performing to return to corporate America, but a definite change of focus involving dropping one longtime pursuit and adding something new and different.  Should I?  Yes.  No.  Yes?

Change is scary.  Instead of putting ourselves out there, sometimes we stay in jobs, relationships or other situations we don't love.  Because, as they say, "Better the devil you know."  Taking risks can be uncomfortable and exciting at the same time.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained...but also perhaps, nothing failed.  

Change can be a lot of work.  You've become used to pursuing or doing one thing, and now need to create material you're not sure how to create or even what it should consist of. Then you need to research markets and industry professionals, who's already successful in that field, create proposals and materials, submit them...and hope your new project is well-received.  And that it'll eventually produce some income.

Change is even more difficult on your own. I'm fortunate to have friends who'll share information and a supportive advisor to run ideas and content by.  I need to believe I'm moving in the right direction, but validation and critiques are very helpful.    

Change can open new doors.

Time will tell. 

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