Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take a deep breath and stretch

Some days feelancing, like many careers, is more stressful than others, mentally and physically.  I’m much better now than when I started at letting little inconveniences go, and doing so quickly.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, as they say.  Still, challenges exist. 

VO talents might have to postpone recording because of thunderstorms or construction, which can get frustrating and increase time pressure. because I can’t know when it’ll be quiet again. Technology may not cooperate.

When I'm fortunate to get a lot of projects at once (I've had five VO jobs this week, only one at a recording studio), cramming in extra hours hunched over a computer can take its toll.  I have an ergonomic setup--under the desk keyboard, adjustable desk chair sized for a short person, etc.  Some may have back or neck pain, and so sit on balls, kneel on stools or even get a standing desk.  I’m susceptible to forearm pain similar to carpal tunnel. 

To deal with job stresses and frustrations,  I:
--focus on gratitude and all of the great things about being a feelancer 
--make sure I take frequent, short breaks to rest my eyes 
--do arm and hand and body stretches
--switch between my laptop and my PC
--take deep breaths in through the nose and let them out slowly through the mouth
--look forward to and enjoy relaxing get-togethers with friends.              

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