Thursday, February 09, 2012


Whether bosses/managers approve or not, some Gainfully Employed go to work when they're sick.  Even if they have sick days.  Maybe they have an urgent deadline, or maybe they want to show their dedication.  Or maybe they want to save their sick days in case they're so sick they can't get out of bed.

The Gainfully Unemployed don't have sick days, nor in most cases do we want to risk losing a booking.  If the project involves telecommuting, we can sneeze and sniffle without infecting others.  Or we might be able to work for a bit, then nap for a bit.  Unless there's a video conference, no one will care if our noses are red or if we stay in our pajamas and/or bathrobe all day.  

But when a voiceover talent has laryngitis, no work can be done.  Nor is there any way to know how long it will last.  A VO friend said hers lasted two weeks.  So we miss out on auditions, and either lose booking(s), or hope the client is willing to and has time before they have to turn in the finished commercial or narration to reschedule. 
Last Sunday, I woke up with laryngitis.  Not the kind that leaves you sounding sort of sexy and husky, but completely without a voice.  Because I had two VO jobs on Wednesday, I did my best to speed up recovery by following much of the advice I found.  The best remedy is time.  Most importantly, don't talk.  Whispering is worse.  Keep your vocal chords moist, drink a lot of water, partake of throat lozenges.  Tea with honey (though I think some of my tea was caffeinated, against recommendaitons).  I had a friend read what I typed into a Word document so I could participate in a conference call.  I even rested for a couple of days.  I didn't, but probably should have, gargle with salt water.  A couple of sites listed herbal or homeopathic options, but I wasn't too sure about those. 

Tuesday morning, I still didn't have a voice and doubted enough would return in 24 hours.  So I contacted the necessary parties, fully expecting both to move on to another talent and get the job done.  I was quite pleasantly surprised and appreciative when both decided to reschedule for next week.  Now it's Thursday afternoon.  My voice is low and gravelly, and my throat is still scratchy.  I'm sure by the weekend I'll be fine and back to normal. 

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