Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is it time for a raise?

Asking for a raise can be a daunting process whether you’re Gainfully Employed or Gainfully Unemployed. We all need to get up the nerve, choose the right time and the right words in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Some questions to consider:
--How much of an increase is appropriate to ensure we’re earning what we’re worth but not pricing ourselves out of the market?

--Do we raise our rates across the board, for certain clients, or only new clients (in which case we can tell our current clients they’re grandfathered in and so now receiving a discount)?

--What factors do we take into long we’ve worked for the client, the state of the economy, what we know about the market, what other feelancers make?

--What evidence should we prepare...client testimonials/accolades, proof of accurate and timely project delivery, any added value we provide?

--How do we make sure we come across as confident, but not off-putting?

--Do you want to make and follow through with some sort of ultimatum if your raise request is denied?

--Is there anything you’re willing to accept in lieu of money?

How to ask for a raise:
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