Thursday, December 01, 2011

I had a wonderful time from12 midnight to 8:00 am this morning participating in's 24-hour live streaming event that brought real Facebook posts to life.

My shift's amazing cast included an opera singer, a juggler (who among other things freed himself from a straight jacket while on a unicycle and walked barefoot on an elevated sword blade while juggling knives), a freestyle rapper, a balloon artist (who made, among other things, an incredible alligator head), a multi-piece band, several hosts and some improvisers who also improvised songs or were puppeteers. My contributions: speed talking and improv.  Other shifts featured graffiti and caricature artists and an auctioneer. 

For 50 minutes each hour (the other 10 minutes were intermission), we'd be assigned Facebook posts, whether status updates or pictures, to interpret or be inspired by according to our talents.  I made up some speed talking monologues on the spot, memorized or read actual posts, or did scenes based on the post. 

Topics included "my favorite athlete's name is Bruce," someone who was up late and wanted to chat with us, and someone who wanted to know if anyone had a tent she could use.  One poster requested that the speed talker list events that occurred his birthday, 9/17/1987.  One of my friend's posts made it into the mix and was acted out by a green puppet.

A wardrobe and a props person were on hand to add suitable or amusing items to each visit to the stage, from an assortment of hats and wigs to a bicycle to a cardboard box I used. 

The event was covered in the New York Times Media Decoder blog, here.

Will I make the "Best of Stuff Theatre" coming soon?  Stay tuned...

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