Thursday, October 27, 2011

The more the merrier?

Some Gainfully Employed may be able to work 9 to 5, then go home and relax. They may be able to free their minds, put their feet up and not worry about what’s still on their plate -- except for dinner. Some have two jobs and/or other obligations, and need to summon the energy and discipline to take those on after putting in many hours at the office.

The Gainfully Unemployed often juggle multiple projects and have little control over when or how many additional opportunities will arise or how much notice we’ll get. When jobs and auditions come in, my instinct is to say “yes” (unless the terms are egregious, i.e., $100 for a national TV commercial). Not only because I appreciate and enjoy the work and the income, but because I don’t want the client/agent/producer to choose someone else. Not this time or the next. And if an upcoming week happens to be slower, I might regret passing on a prospect.

Some days, fitting in last minute auditions and jobs can be a challenge. I’ve tried being in two places at once … getting permission to leave one gig during lunch to pop in for rehearsal at another. That can be costly (cabs or parking lots vs. walking, taking the bus or finding street parking) and nerve-wracking, if I'm constantly checking my watch to make sure I have enough time to get back.

Too much work and socializing in one day can also be hard on my voice. Recently I had a singing rehearsal and a VO job a couple of hours later. I wasn’t sure how long the recording session would last, nor did I get a script in advance so I could see how much copy I had. Then a client called that morning with a rush VO job, which I did from home. The afternoon job turned out to be two hours with only a short break. By the end, my throat was starting to get scratchy. Maybe additional warm up exercises and vocal care (hydration, throat spray, lozenges, etc.) will help in the future.

A long day on set is usually interesting and enjoyable, but can be exhausting. So if I have an upcoming deadline for, say, a writing project, or if I’ve made plans to go out, do I push myself to do it all or not … and fall behind or miss out on the fun?

Each of us can find the balance between pushing ourselves and taking an appropriate break.   

Create Margin in Your Overly Busy Life

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Where is your time spent? 

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