Thursday, August 04, 2011

Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet?

Like many freelancers, I sometimes work at a coffee shop or with a friend for a change of scene and/or to stay motivated. So I need a reliable, easy to use, portable laptop. The one I’ve had for years (Windows Vista, anyone?) is much heavier and has a much shorter battery life than those on the market today. It's too heavy for me to comfortably carry long distances, and a wheeled bag can be cumbersome on public transportation or if I need to go several places.

The time has come for a new laptop. Nowadays there are also more options than when I bought the last one…from regular laptops of all screen sizes to netbooks to tablets with keyboards. With the complicated model names, it’s hard to tell an ST3N01 from a VPCF22FGX/B. I like the lightness of the Macs and tried using one, but I’m a PC.

After some due diligence, I decided on the Toshiba Portege R835-P56X. The combination of features and fabulous reviews from sites such as CNET, plus its light weight convinced me. I was surprised to find the best price at the time was at OfficeMax (even after Chicago’s high sales tax), not, say, Amazon.

When I went to buy it, I was told not only was it backordered (which was disappointing, because when one decided to purchase something it’s nice to have the immediate gratification), but that I might not even get it. I could pay now, then get a full refund if after 21 business days. Lo and behold, I received it 3 business days later.

Now it sits on my desk, calling to me to check it out, but I need to finish a big voicover job first....

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