Thursday, May 19, 2011


There are things we mean to do, keep saying we’ll do, but put off doing. Whether it’s not tackling that project due next month, exercising, eating better, cleaning/organizing, looking for more work, scheduling a doctor’s appointment or finishing that book/play we started, often we find reasons or make excuses we convince ourselves are reasons why we can’t or won’t do them.

Certainly there are more fun things to do than vacuuming, scrubbing the toilet, or self-marketing. There are countless media options from TV shows to Youtube videos to distract us. Scheduling social plans every night means “I don’t have time” to write. If you don’t fit in a trip to the grocery and your cupboards are bare, grabbing a hot dog and fries or ordering in is easier to justify.

Why do we procrastinate, and in the process make ourselves worry about not finishing what we’ve set out to or need to do? Why scramble to meet deadlines? Why berate ourselves for not working out or being late?

I think the key is finding the right mix of discipline and reward, work and play. We can learn to control some of our impulses to have fun so we can complete projects we’ve been putting off. If the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you'll feel after getting something off your plate isn’t enough incentive, many sites promote rewarding yourself when you achieve a goal.

Wouldn’t you rather be checking items off your to do list and reaping the rewards than fretting because you’re behind schedule or disappointing yourself?

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