Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turning on a dime

Last Thursday, I wrote about dealing with disappointment to encourage myself and others to keep going in the face of setbacks. My roller coaster of freelancing had stalled, then seemed to be going downhill in fits and starts.    

Friday didn’t start out too well. Finalists in two national writing contests (the RITA® for published authors, the Golden Heart® for as yet unpublished) were being announced. The list posted online of those who’d gotten the call kept growing as the morning progressed, and some categories were approaching the maximum number of finalists. People, including several friends, were sharing their excitement all over the Internet.

In the as yet unpublished contest, approximately 1,200 manuscripts are entered in 10 categories. Acquiring editors judge the final round; over the years numerous finalists have sold. To final, five judges had to score your manuscript high enough to put it in the top 10%. My chances of finaling were better than winning the lottery, but….  

My phone remained silent. Until 11:47 am, when I got the call!!!   

I’m honored and grateful for my friends' support…I received so many congratulations via email, phone and Facebook, I could barely keep up with them all.

As they say, my life had turned on a dime.  Good news on many levels keeps rolling in.  And this week has been one of my busiest ever as an actress…six auditions and two availability checks--one job was cancelled, I booked the other, also this week. Last night a client informed me about a VO job I’ll be getting today (with another one or two to follow)…

It may be difficult when the going gets rough, but find a way to keep the faith and believe in yourself.  Because you never know when your hard work and persistence will pay off in a big way. 

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