Thursday, February 24, 2011


The older I get, the more easily frustrated I seem to get. I think it’s because I don't want to waste time and do want some control over how I spend it. I'm glad that I'm finding ways to not let things get to me.

--When I need information from a client, colleague or friend before I can move forward on something with an impending deadline. I don’t want to nag, but do want what I need with sufficient leeway so I’m not scrambling at the last minute. I truly appreciate those who do what they say they will, when they say they’ll do it. Those who respect other people’s time by being on time. Those who follow through.

--Recently I’ve put a couple of irons in the fire that seemed like good ideas, but didn’t pay off or took longer than I’d anticipated. Of course not everything works out the way we’d like; I'm not dwelling on small setbacks, am learning what I can and moving on to the next iron.

--Tackling unpleasant tasks, like taxes. When you’re a Gainfully Unemployed, you can work for numerous places in the course of a year. So instead of having one 1099, I have a bunch. Even though I have an accountant, there’s a lot of prep work and tedious math.

--Poor customer service. Those automated voice people are so annoying!!! I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Please try again. And when you finally reach a human, you often have to repeat details you’ve provided. You're lucky if you can get one who can actually resolve your issue. restaurants. If a place I want to go that I know is crowded won’t take reservations, I’ll go somewhere else. Some people don’t mind hanging out at the bar (or at some Chicago hotspots, practically standing on top of those already eating) waiting for a table, but I’d prefer to eat at a less popular time.

How do you deal with frustration? Here’s to focusing on good experiences and taking the frustrating ones in stride.

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