Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Gainfully Unemployed

I sometimes get asked what I do all day…given that I don’t have certain common obligations that require a major time commitment, such as full time job or kids. So here’s yesterday, a sample day in the life:

--Promised to deliver a VO job for a social networking site by 9AM. Had received the script @ 5:30PM the night before when not only were they pounding on the new house being built behind me, I was getting ready for an improv show. When I sat down to record Wednesday morning at 6:30AM, the loading dock I live near was in full, noisy swing. Then came driving rain loud enough to hear over my mic, and a thunderstorm. Then, of course, the house construction started. In between periods of hammering and running engines I was able to record the appx. 3 minute script. Did not hear if revisions were needed.

--While at the Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando last week, I met with several literary agents/editors. Worked on fine tuning one of my manuscripts to submit.

--Completed variety of email correspondence for work and play, including some with co-author of non-fiction project and possible freelance writing client.

--Examined potential new headshots; a friend is photoshopping my black shirt to a better color, apparently not an easy task.

--A talent agent called about a print looksee for a pharmaceutical company that afternoon. Chatted with him about the frustrations of the new online casting site Chicago casting agents are using.

--Printed a headshot. Primped for (aka tried to tame my curly hair in this humidity) and drove to print looksee appx. 20 minutes away. Fortunately there was no wait. Posed for 3 different pictures in about two minutes. "Smized" as Tyra advises. Photographer kept saying, “Perfect.”

--Returned home around 2PM to find an ASAP VO audition, which I managed to record between more bouts of hammering.

--Got a call from and talked for almost an hour to a friend who’d won a RITA (RWA’s Oscar, awarded at a fancy ceremony attended by appx. 2000 people) in FL.

--Worked more on my ms.

--Just after 5PM, got an email for another VO audition due this morning by 10AM.

--Went to ComedySportz for my team’s REC League show. We’re down a couple of players, so our coach and a guest coach we had (both CSz ensemble members) joined us.

--Stopped by a friend’s for a short visit.

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