Saturday, June 06, 2009

New York, NY Take 2

Recently I discussed the possibility of moving to New York to work as an editor or agent, here. Before taking such a big leap, I wanted to get the scoop on what it's like to be an editor or agent, and get advice on how someone with my background and experience might proceed.

Over the years I've established relationships with some of the editors and agents who have rejected various manuscripts. These publishing professionals have all requested more than one of my tomes, but didn't love them enough to represent or buy, though they've had very nice things to say about my writing/plots/premises/sense of humor, etc. So I was able to set up in person informational interviews with two editors and an agent, and phone meetings with two more agents.

The trip was a wonderful illustration of, "But wait, there's more!" One editor asked if I'd be interested in reading some of her submissions! I got to spend most of a day going through her (rather large, but not as hugh as expected) pile of submissions requested from appointments at writing conferences, and some of her unsolicted query letters. (This publisher does not accept unsolicted submissions, meaning you either have to have an agent or meet an editor somewhere to get a request to send part or all of your book.) And one of the agents had arranged for me to meet with her boss...and take an agent test!

Much more on my interviews and meetings and will follow in future posts.

I traveled with award-winning, teen author Simone Elkeles (kind enough to thank me in all her books for my critiquing assistance), who was meeting with her agent and editor.

Our visit wasn't all work and no play (no pun intended). We enjoyed two amazing Broadway shows: God of Carnage and Billy Elliot. And in the small world vein, the actor who plays Billy's father, Tony Award nominated Gregory Jbara, and I were in Michigan Repertory's production of Of Thee I Sing--29 years ago. After he changed out of his costume, we joined him on the stage.

What a very cool exclamation point on a wonderful trip.

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Sounds like a great trip. Keep us posted