Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too Much Yet Not Enough

There are times when we commit ourselves and our money, which seem like the right choices. Then events transpire to make us wonder if we've made the optimum use of our resources.

Case in point A: I paid $325 for a weekend audition intensive with two of Chicago's premier casting directors, one from a major theatre company and one who does mostly TV/film. It seemed like a win/win: 1) my theatre and on camera monologue auditions (a previous bane of my acting existence, covered in an earlier post) had to improve under the tutelage of these experts and 2) the old networking adage 'who you know' can be a factor in maybe at least one of them would call me in for some auditions. Which could lead to 3) my acting agents seeing their interest and maybe sending me out more themselves.

Case in point B: A new author friend is coming to town for a book signing two blocks from my condo. She invited me to dinner before with 5 of her friends. I made the reservations and was looking forward to the evening.

The scheduling sprites saw that I was happy with my decisions.

So the only auditions for another director's festival I'd been looking forward to auditioning for fell on the first workshop day. Auditions for an improv program I was thinking about taking were also that weekend. I got called to be an extra in a movie starring Freddy Rodruiguez, Debra Messing and John Leguizamo. My brother said he was available that Sunday to help me complete a sizable family chore we've been putting off.

Auditions for another popular director's festival fell the evening of the booksigning. I managed to sign up for the last time slot, 9:25 pm. So I will have to leave the signing early, go home and get my car, drive 20 or so minutes and find parking. Not the end of the world, obviously, but still a stressful hassle when I could have simply enjoyed a single event, the booksigning.

Of course I wish I could have conveniently fit in all of these things, and can't help wondering why at least one couldn't have been on a day when my calendar is bare.

Maybe I should just be happy with what I have, and assume that more fun opportunities will come my way. Does everything happen for a reason? Only time will tell...


Manic Mom said...

So fun to meet you last night Ruth, well, again, since we did meet at Spring Fling in '06. I pulled out a little blast from your past on my blog--go check it out! Stephanie

Manic Mom said...
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Manic Mom said...

Oops, double post!