Monday, July 10, 2006

Sondheim Performances Approach

Had rehearsal Saturday...learning the second set of Sondheim songs is a challenge. One song has a 4-part chorus that is spoken, with each part saying similar words but in different rhythms. Really put my triplet and eighth note counting to the test.
One more rehearsal, at the park itself, for staging. Meanwhile, I'm memorizing, memorizing! Is it: A is one is who is A? Or: A is one is A is who?

On another note, pun intended, this morning I got booked to be an extra one day next week for a new feature film (one of the only ones in the near future) shooting here. I'd seen the listing but had decided not to send in. I'm not in the mood to walk up and down the street or be a commuter. I've worked with one of the casting people several times before and he called me, for a nice sounding, smaller party scene.

And, should have an audition for a commercial this week. On the other hand, the two additional days I was scheduled to do for the documentary were cancelled, to be rescheduled. One has to be flexible in this business!

Finally, almost finished with book number 8!

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