Saturday, November 05, 2005

Latest News


1) Got my itinerary for my trip to Lithuania to visit the set and film a cameo.

2) There's a chance I may get to do a blog about this adventure for DP, so I'm saving scoop/details in case I do.

In other news, worked as an extra on PRISON BREAK for half a day, in a scene with the two attorneys, Veronica and Nick. I'm a nurse in the room across the hall from Nick's, wearing pink scrubs. For some reason, on a couple of the takes my timing was off, so I don't know if I'll be seen clearly or just a pink blur.

I'm going to do a reading today for one of the talent agencies that responded to my recent mailing. And voting for the American Title contest begins Nov. 14th. More on that later...

So far it seems that leaving my job was the right thing to do!

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